Introducing Only Friends

Sportsclub Only Friends is THE sportsclub for kids and youngsters with a disability.

Only Friends offers 29 kinds of sports, 7 days a week in their own sportscentre, Friendship Sports Centre, in Amsterdam. Both the club as the sportscentre are very unique and, as far we know, there is no such a club or sportscentre around the globe.

 How it all started

Dennis Gebbink discovered that his son Myron, who has a physical disability, was not “welcome” anymore at a regular soccerclub. In 2000, he founded a sportsclub for disabled kids and youngsters.

The club is called “Only Friends” and grew and flourished within no time and got a lot of publicity and recognition. Dennis Gebbink became a knight (Sir) for his initiative and realisations.

The slogan “You are as good as you are!” underlines the core of Only Friends. Every kid counts, is warmly welcomed and will be respected. It is all about letting kids and youngsters enjoy sports, develop themselves and build up friendships. Not only the sport itself but also the feeling “I am at home”, pleases the kids.

The dream

While the kids were sporting at several different locations, Dennis had a dream: an own sportscentre for kids and youngsters with a disability. This dream kept returning; so after having met the Ronald McDonald Child Fund in 2004, he put all the strings together.

At November 8th 2010, Princess Marilene, Marco van Basten (former famous soccerplayer) and Myron, the son that started it all, opened the sportscentre. The dream of Dennis Gebbink became reality: an unique and state of the art sportscentre as a homebase for sportsclub Only Friends but also host to other organisations.

From day one the kids and youngsters love sporting at their own centre and also the parents, family and friends are delighted.


At this moment, almost 800 kids and youngsters are sporting in 29 sportcategories with lots of fun and enthousiasm. Only Friends only has 2 paid employees and is mostly based on the 250 volunteers and 50 trainees. Fantastic ambassadors and sponsors give lots of support to Only Friends as well.


A beautiful movie is made about Only Friends and the Friendship Sports Centre and gives a good overall impression. Click on the button to start. If you want more information and/or want to support Only Friends please mail to

With  lots of love and hugs from the kids and youngsters!

Sportsclub Only Friends